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Detox Thailand a body cleansing experience

In a yoga retreat set in the lush vegetation of northern Thailand, you can give your body a great detox experience. Yoga retreat-detox Thailand provides you with a full cleansing program of the body and mind. It incorporates Ashtanga yoga and meditation with a detox Thailand experience.

The yoga retreat is only minutes away from wonderful Haad Salad beach with its clear water and wonderful swimming available. But think about a detox Thailand experience while on holidays in this amazing area. Your detox program can be from 3 to 10 days duration and include a basic yoga package with it to have a complete cleansing of mind and body.

So what is detox Thailand? It is a great cleansing experience that gives your digestive system a rest by drinking only fluids and resting your mind and body. It gives the other systems in your body the energy taken away from digestion to heal and operate better. You will feel refreshed and revitalised as never before.

If you include the basic yoga package you will have a complete cleans of mind and body with 2 yoga classes daily and we provide you all of the drinks necessary such as:

  • Detox Thailand shakes
  • Fresh coconut water
  • Spirulina
  • Vitamin C
  • Herbal teas
  • Soup broths
  • Thai Noni Juice and sea salt

All of the detox Thailand packages begin between Friday and Sunday of each week so you will have plenty of opportunities to incorporate a detox Thailand package into your fabulous Thai holiday.

You will Ashtanga yoga classes each day at the yoga retreat to prepare your mind for its detox program. The classes are for any level yoga practitioner form the beginner through to the advanced person. You can also add a 5 day meditation or Pranayama experience to your detox program if you would like to.

The detox Thailand experience can also be completed at a different location if you have already booked your accommodation and decide to try this yoga retreat detox Thailand experience. Just visit us each day and collect your fluids and go back to your accommodation. Just remember to listen to your body as you will need plenty of rest during the detox program.

The Yoga retreat-Detox Thailand is a great experience and a great place to visit to relax and clear your mind and body of toxins that have built up because of a busy lifestyle.

The Yoga Retreat, 65/4 Moo 8, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand. +66 77 374 310