What to expect from a 30-day yoga retreat

Yoga retreats come in all different shapes and sizes, and the nature of a particular retreat will generally depend on the country in which it is conducted and the quality of the experience that’s offered. There is plenty of so-called yoga, meditation and health retreats out there but many are sub standard. In order to ensure you find that one is the high quality that you deserve, a good amount of research is required. It is also a good idea to search for retreats that are a little further from home. Asia is the birthplace of yoga and therefore it’s hard to find a more authentic and high quality experience than you can find in this part of the world.


A 30-day yoga retreat is the kind of length you should be considering if you are serious about using yoga to make a real difference to your clarity of mind and your overall health. The Yoga Retreat – Koh Phangan, is in the South of Thailand and offers this type of month-long experience. 30 days of yoga classes gives you plenty of opportunity to develop your skills regardless of whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level. The retreat also includes a week of lectures, five days of meditation, five days of Pranayama and use of the steam and colema room.



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