Rejuvenating Yoga Retreats in Thailand

yoga-retreats-thailandBasic Elements 5-Day Yoga Retreat

This short, intense program will provide you with an energized, instructive environment in which to discover and dive into the basic principles of yogic practice. Topics studies include the Eight Limbs of yoga, effective postures and alignment and the philosophy of yoga.

Chakra Healing 10-Day Yoga Retreat

A longer program for yogis of all levels that further develops the basic principles covered in the 5-day course, the 10-day yoga retreat further expands the yogic experience by introducing the healing, balancing and transformative potential of the seven chakras. Enhance your practice by learning new techniques and exploring the depths of all aspects of yourself, from the physical to the spiritual.

30 Days Ashtanga + 3-Day Detox

Take your time and maximize your immersion into the practice of Ashtanga yoga through our 30-day program.

This program opens with a 3-day detox that will help you move into a higher plane of learning, self-discovery and physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation. Beginning each day with your unique asana practice, you will delve deeply into the foundations, philosophies and application of the 8 Limbs of yoga. The 30-day program gives you the tools for a lifetime of transformative yoga practice, connecting theory, philosophy and physical practice into a seamless whole.

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