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What do we mean by yoga?

Yoga got its start in the Sanskrit word “yuj” which implies “to yoke or bind” . Oftentimes , it is interpreted as “union” or a way of self-discipline. A male practitioner of “yoga” is known as yogi , while the female are called “yogini”.
The sage of Indian, Patanjali, is assumed to have put together the yoga practice in the Yoga Sutra about 2,000 years back. An accumulation of 195 different statements makes the Sutra, and it functions as a philosophical manual for the majority of yoga practiced these days . Also , it describes eight branches (limbs) of yoga. As we take a look at these eight branches , we start by improving our behaviour in the outside world , after which we concentrate inwardly until we attain samadhi (enlightenment, liberation).

Presently the majority of individuals learning about yoga are involved in the third Branch (third limb), called asana, which is actually a program of body postures intended to cleanse the body and provide participants with the body strength and endurance necessary for prolonged meditation periods.

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