More Natural Ways to Help Detox Your Body

  1. Meditate or do Yoga in order to reduce or eliminate stress. You can also practice positive self-talk in order to invoke more positive emotions to feel better.


  1. Use hydrotherapy to relieve pain or discomfort from your body. Simply take a hot shower for several minutes, followed by a quick cool shower for 30 seconds. If you do this at least 2 or 3 times you will achieve the benefits. Be sure to lay down in bed for at least 20 minutes afterward.
  1. Utilize a sauna for sweating the toxins out through your skin. Be sure that you drink plenty of water before you go in, and shower afterwards to wash away the toxins that have been secreted.
  1. Try dry skin brushing to exfoliate the dead skin and help eliminate toxins that are there. You can stimulate your lymph nodes to remove toxins.
  1. Yes, getting exercise for an hour a day is the best way to stimulate detox. The very best exercise you can do is Yoga, but there are others that have strong health benefits as well such as simply jumping a rope for an hour. There is a martial arts exercise that has specific moves that are designed to help your body detoxify and cleanse itself, it is called Qigong. You might give it a try if you are interested.



Relieving pain with Yoga


There are a lot of people in the world who experience chronic pain in their lives. Yoga has shown some promise as being used to treat some types of chronic pain. Researchers in Germany studied patients with chronic neck pain while they did a self-administered exercise program and then again while doing Iyengar Yoga. The researchers discovered that the Yoga actually reduced the patient’s pain better than the self-administered exercise routine. Additionally, researchers at UCLA also studied the effects of Yoga on patients who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, six weeks later the patients reported vast improvement in not only their pain, but also a decrease in their anxiety and depression.

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreats in Thailand

yoga-retreats-thailandBasic Elements 5-Day Yoga Retreat

This short, intense program will provide you with an energized, instructive environment in which to discover and dive into the basic principles of yogic practice. Topics studies include the Eight Limbs of yoga, effective postures and alignment and the philosophy of yoga.

Chakra Healing 10-Day Yoga Retreat

A longer program for yogis of all levels that further develops the basic principles covered in the 5-day course, the 10-day yoga retreat further expands the yogic experience by introducing the healing, balancing and transformative potential of the seven chakras. Enhance your practice by learning new techniques and exploring the depths of all aspects of yourself, from the physical to the spiritual.

30 Days Ashtanga + 3-Day Detox

Take your time and maximize your immersion into the practice of Ashtanga yoga through our 30-day program.

This program opens with a 3-day detox that will help you move into a higher plane of learning, self-discovery and physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation. Beginning each day with your unique asana practice, you will delve deeply into the foundations, philosophies and application of the 8 Limbs of yoga. The 30-day program gives you the tools for a lifetime of transformative yoga practice, connecting theory, philosophy and physical practice into a seamless whole.

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During & After Your Detox


An exercise regimen is highly advised during detox, as it strengthens and tempers the body and mind, burns excess fat and encourages faster release of toxins. Meditate, practice yoga, walk and explore, swim, and be overall calm and peaceful to maximize the rejuvenation of your body during your detox. We also recommend the use of colonics, which further cleanse your digestive tract and enhance the rest period of the digestive system.

After Your Detox

Once you have reached your objective and completed the detox process for the number of days that is best for you and your body, it is time to introduce solid food back into your digestive tract. Listen very carefully to your body during this time, move forward slowly and don’t overdo it. The reintroduction of food into your body may also induce feelings of anxiety – this is normal and should also be accepted and embraced as a necessary part of the regenerative process. Stay positive; you are giving your body an incredible gift.

Be conscious of your body. Be open to its reactions to food to learn more about what is beneficial for you and what may not be so good for your body.

During Your Detox


As chewing is the first stage of the process of digestion, it stimulates our bodies to begin digestive processes and to excrete hormones and other chemicals that prepare the digestive tract to receive and process solid food. Because of this, it is advised to avoid food altogether during your detox in order to allow your digestive system to take a complete break. Despite the “no food” advisement, you should consume large quantities of fluids and make sure that you continue to supply your body with the vitamins and minerals that it needs to rebuild and replenish itself.

As you move through your detox, you will experience a wide range of physical and psychological effects stemming from the flushing of toxins and the release of energy blockages. The release of emotions can be negative, positive, or a mix of both, and should be accepted as it comes, since this release is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Focus on yourself, accept and embrace yourself in all of your states, and make sure to sleep and rest as often as you need.

Bone health is improved with Yoga


There is a great deal of documentation regarding the use of weight-bearing exercises to strengthen bones and help to head-off osteoporosis. Yoga requires you to lift your own body weight in many of its positions. Arm bone strength is helped with some poses such as upward and downward facing dog. Arm bones are particularly susceptible to fractures from osteoporosis. It was stated in a study, performed in Los Angeles at the California State University, that the bone density within the vertebral was increased with yoga practice. Because yoga has the ability to keep the stress hormone, cortisol, at lower levels, it is believed that this may help calcium to remain in the bones.

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Yoga protects your spine


Between the vertebrae are spinal discs that act as shock absorbers. These discs crave movement, and without proper care, can become herniated, and compress the nerves. Proper movement is the only way in which they are able to get their nutrients. You can keep your discs supple when you have a well-balanced Asana practice, with lots of twists, forward bends, and backbends.