During & After Your Detox


An exercise regimen is highly advised during detox, as it strengthens and tempers the body and mind, burns excess fat and encourages faster release of toxins. Meditate, practice yoga, walk and explore, swim, and be overall calm and peaceful to maximize the rejuvenation of your body during your detox. We also recommend the use of colonics, which further cleanse your digestive tract and enhance the rest period of the digestive system.

After Your Detox

Once you have reached your objective and completed the detox process for the number of days that is best for you and your body, it is time to introduce solid food back into your digestive tract. Listen very carefully to your body during this time, move forward slowly and don’t overdo it. The reintroduction of food into your body may also induce feelings of anxiety – this is normal and should also be accepted and embraced as a necessary part of the regenerative process. Stay positive; you are giving your body an incredible gift.

Be conscious of your body. Be open to its reactions to food to learn more about what is beneficial for you and what may not be so good for your body.


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